If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Virtual Assistant.

(Pinterest Management)

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Hi, Phyllis-
I have to say that I’m EXTREMELY impressed. I will be sharing this with my business partner. I’m sure we will be hiring you for future projects once we get back from the Housewares Show. I appreciate your professionalism and clear reporting approach! Thank you!!!
Warmest regards,
Melinda {Inventorz Network}

(Marketing/Public Relations)

Phyllis is the REAL DEAL! She is highly experienced with brand/social media marketing, press release writing, WordPress website set up, many clerical functions and any other “behind the scenes” support expertise one could ever need.  She single handily brought my brand/product out of obscurity into the infant product market space. I am indeed a VERY happy customer.

Tiffany Copon {BebePodPants.com}

Hi Phyllis,
Just wanted to tell you I got my first wholesale inquiry online that said they found me through you!
Michele G.

Phyllis is wonderful. The pricing is fair and the work product is excellent. Phyllis has worked very hard for LibraKnits and we've gotten a lot of success with a reasonable investment. Because of Phyllis, we've been spotted on the heads of celebrity babies and written up in numerous publications. We wouldn't be where we are today without her! ---Amanda S.

(Website Maintenance & Design)

Phyllis designed my company website based off of my individual needs. She is very easy to work with and is always prompt with her turn around. She also maintains my website on a monthly basis changing images, content, and links when ever it's needed. She is a pleasure to work with, has excellent work ethics and always replies to my requests within a timely manner.

Ralph Mautone {RJM Insurance Inc.}

(Press Release Writing)

“Phyllis has been a godsend to me and my business for press release services! They have accomplished in a very short amount of time, what a lot of p.r. company’s have yet to accomplish for my business. Phyllis is always looking out for the “next big way” to help promote the WAHM entrepreneur and seems to always find a way to deliver!”
–Sandra M.

(Celebrity Gifting)


I has been a pleasure working with you the last couple of years. We can remember when we first started how nervous we were. Although we now realize that we made many mistakes, you were always there with open arms to help us. Your guidance and friendship has meant so much to us that words are not enough. Thank you so much for being so warm, helpful, easy to work with and at times nurturing. We look forward to doing future business with you. You are truly an inspiration. Keep shooting for the stars! *;)
Leydys S. & Denise S.

"It's a thrill to know that Jenny McCarthy and Matthew McConaughey are among many of the celebrities that are sharing my books with their children! Thank you for providing this easy way to get my products seen and used by these stars!!" --Stacey Kannenberg, Author/Publisher of Cedar Valley Publishing Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten! Let's Get Ready For First Grade! iA Prepararse Para Kindergarten!

"Phyllis literally delivers. Not only can you be confident your gift will be delivered to the very best of Phyllis' ability, we have had amazing results: a personal note from Tori Spelling and mega-circulated images of Sarah Jessica Parker's twin girls wearing our bonnets. Gifting with Phyllis has had a major impact on our company's credibility in both the wholesale and Internet worlds." --Janie M.

"I would like to express a gratitude to Phyllis. When using her services it has opened the door up for me as a business who works from home in many ways undreamed of. Phyllis is very professional, easy to follow and quick customer service. I thoroughly recommend Phyllis if you are after a business to help you launch yourself out into the unknown celebrity world. Sincere thank you." --Lisa K.

I just want to let you know that I think it is wonderful that you offer this kind of service to work at home moms. This is a great opportunity for any work at home mom that have a hard time getting their products out there or just cannot afford advertising. Especially, if its going to a "Celebrity". Advertising is so high these days, your prices are affordable. When I heard about it this, I thought that it was going to cost A LOT since it was going to a celebrity. So, I looked over the site and I was like, wow, "this is great"! So, I want to thank you for this great service! I will be doing as many as I can. The more, the better! 🙂

Thank You,
Sherri Burris

"It's been such a pleasure working with you! Phyllis does a fantastic job of putting together celebrity baskets, writing press releases and creating marketing opportunities that I never could have pulled off on my own. I'm getting more hits on my website than ever before and I know my business will continue to flourish." --Mindy B.

"My experience with Phyllis has been phenomenal. She is professional and easy to work with. It's been a positive experience all the way around. I look forward to a continuous road to success with this partnership."

" I am so glad that my instincts were to be a part of this wonderful opportunity!! I just could not pass it by and I am so glad that I didn't. I love to be a part of these baskets, which are full of opportunities, and to have my product seen by many for such a reasonable price from Phyllis I was able to do just that! If any of you are contemplating doing one of these celebrity gift baskets with your wonderful products, I would say GO FOR IT if you can!! This was my very FIRST basket and I received a letter from Jennie thanking me!! How cool is that!!!!"

"I am ecstatic that I found Phyllis!!! Phyllis has been nothing but wonderful to work with. I look forward to a long relationship with her and cannot wait to see what the future holds. Thank you Phyllis!!!!!"
Sincerely, Laura V.