So are you debating whether or not you should hire a virtual assistant instead of an employee? You aren’t sure what the actual benefits are for you, am I right? I’ll share some of the benefits of working with a virtual assistant with you so you can make an educated decision. And, one that is best suited for you, your brand or company.

Virtual Assistants are NOT employees.

Virtual Assistants are considered independent contractors. What exactly does that mean for you? You don’t have to worry about payroll taxes, overtime pay, vacation pay, insurance (medical, dental or workers comp), or sick days. It significantly reduces your labor costs! Not to mention you don’t have to worry about or adhere to any OSHA rules/regulations!

How does it benefit your business?

*Just think of your overhead for a moment. If you have an office, you’ll have to pay to make sure your employee is able to do his or her job by providing them with equipment; computer, telephone, various office supplies, desk, chair, etc… You don’t even need an office if you can work from home yourself. Why? Because a Virtual Assistant has her own equipment and supplies. They usually have everything that is needed to do the job remotely and it didn’t cost you a thing!

*You don’t have to pay for training! When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you are hiring them for their skill set and ability to work remotely. You will be looking for a VA that has the skills that your individual company needs. That eliminates time and money spent on training! She may even know a skill that you yourself don’t have time to learn – win, win!

*You pay for what you need to be done. I charge by the package so that you are only paying for what you need and not a penny more. No worrying about a time card, clocking in or out. When you hire a virtual assistant, they will work around your schedule to make sure that tasks are completed in a timely manner. Most projects can often be worked on during all different hours of the day and night.

Do you want more time in the day?

Virtual Assistants usually do tasks that their clients don’t like or have time to do and that’s ok! Business owners have to wear a ton of different hats (especially if they are a one-person business) and won’t have time to do everything. A Virtual Assistant will become your right-hand person! I will be your “person”. Let me be your “person” by contacting me today to set up your FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss how I can be an asset to your company!